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15 Sep Is it Time to Try Different Contact Lenses?
Verlyn 4 13608
Say you’ve been wearing contact lenses to correct your nearsighted or farsighted vision and they work just fine. Your vision is sharp, and you’re happy to be free of your eyeglasses.But something isn’..
15 Sep 5  Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunglasses More Often
Taha 2 10391
Why do you wear sunglasses?According to a 2012 survey, nearly 90% of people believe that protecting their eyes is key to overall health. But most people  who choose to wear sunglasses do so only to cu..
15 Sep How to Care For YOUR CHILDREN’S EYES
Verlyn 1 5946
Children’s eye care should begin at a very early age, whether they have a family history of vision problems or not. Opthalmologists recommend having your child’s eyes tested at six months of age, agai..
02 Aug Dos and Dont’s of Selecting Eyewear
asif 0 10586
It is fair to say that eyewear, unlike a few years ago, has become a part of common attire. They have become a defining aspect of fashion to an extent that even those who don’t have a weak sight tend ..
26 Jul Are You Using your CONTACT LENS SOLUTION correctly
Taha 0 945
Multipurpose solutions have undoubtedly made caring for contact lenses infinitely easier. What could be more convenient than a one size fits all approach to ensuring lenses are safe to wear? These sol..
15 Sep Contact Lens Tips while you're Traveling
Taha 0 7975
1. Limit contact lens wear during a flight.Top of the list is to try and limit wearing your contact lenses during a flight. Disposable contact lenses are predominantly made of water, with some contact..
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